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Oxymetholone Steroid
Oxymetholone Steroid
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CAS Number:53-39-4
Brand Names: Oxandrin, Anavar, Lonavar, others
Molar Mass:306.44 g/mol
Appearance: White or Almost White Crystalline Powder
Suitable for: Elderly, Adult
State: White Powder
Certification: GMP, HSE, ISO 9001, USP
Usage: Muscle Growth
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What is Oxymetholone?

Oxymetholone is a very powerful anabolic androgenic steroid of immense capabilities. Generally a bulking steroid, as size promotion is its primary purpose it does possess secondary characteristics well-suited for cutting as well but only in very specific cases and for the average man this type of use will never be implored. As a powerful steroid most will find Oxymetholone is best used during a bulking cycle at the front end as a kick start to the overall cycle. The most common practice is a 4-6 week run of Oxymetholone at a dosing of 50mg per day and for many this will be all the Oxymetholone they will ever need. However, for those who want a little more and these individuals always exist, 100g per day for the same time frame can be successfully administered but there are some important notes. It is important to understand how your body reacts to this steroid before you ever begin a 100mg dose; further, understand the possibility of negative side-effects increase dramatically when the dosing is increased.


Oxymetholone Effects for Men

The popularity of Oxymetholone is secured by its great properties. The use of Anavar cycle brings multiple dividends for any athlete. Its major properties are as follows:
An anabolic effect of a huge potential. It is able to enhance the amounts of testosterone up to 400%.
Androgenic improvements. Due to the influence of the product, a man can gain about 25% of testosterone.
A total absence of estrogen. There will be no estrogen issues.
The improvement of hardness of muscles. The muscle toughness will increase for many a time.
A sufficient sustenance of performance. The athletes will be able to enjoy better results.
A significant enhancement of the presence of growth hormone. This component will improve merely all capabilities of the athletes.
An efficient and rapid melting of fat stores. The metabolic rate hugely increases.
A usability of both genders. Male and female athletes can almost safely use this product.
A lasting period of action. Anavar provides a long period of duration, which reaches 12 hours.


Oxymetholone Effects for Women

As it has been already mentioned, Oxandrolone can be used by both genders. Thus, Anavar for women has definite improvements as well. It is obvious that men and women have various systems. Accordingly, the influence of different preparations will have various results. Therefore, the muscle growth will be more profitable for women athletes. They will gain muscle weight faster and easier. Another advantage is a preserving function of lean muscle. Though the calorie amount might be limited, Oxandrolone enables an increased metabolic rate.


Oxymetholone Benefits

Oxymetholone is considered by many to be the most powerful steroid commercially available. A steroid novice experimenting with this agent is likely to gain 20 to 30 pounds of massive bulk, and it can often be accomplished within 6 weeks of use. This steroid produces a lot of water retention, so a good portion of this gain is going to be water weight. This is often of little consequence to the user, who may be feeling very big and strong while taking oxymetholone. Although the smooth look that results from water retention is often not attractive, it can aid quite a bit to the level of size and strength gained. The muscle is fuller, will contract better, and is provided a level of protection in the form of extra water held into and around connective tissues. This will allow for more elasticity, and will hopefully decrease the chance for injury when lifting heavy. It should be noted, however, that a very rapid gain in mass might also place too much stress on your connective tissues. The tearing of pectoral and biceps tissue is commonly associated with heavy lifting while massing up on steroids, and oxymetholone is a common offender. There can be such a thing as gaining too fast.




Test items




White Crystalline Powder

white powder







Melting Point



Specific Rotation

+34~ +38º(C=2,in dioxane)


Organic Volatile Impurities

meets the requirements



The specification conform with USP30 standard

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