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Anavar Steroid Powder
Anavar Steroid Powder
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Purity: >99%
State: Solid
Suitable for: Adult
CAS Number: 53-39-4
Molecular Formula: C19H30O3
Molecular Weight: 300.44g/mol
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Certification: GMP, ISO 9001, USP
Suitable for: Elderly, Children, Adult
Appearance: White or Almost White Crystalline Powder


Simple Descriptions About Anavar

Anavar is a mild Steroid with low to zero side effects, for this reason it is a popular choice amongst beginners. First produced in the early 60's by Phizer (originally known as Searle), Anavar was used to help with building and maintain less mass for people suffering from illnesses which cause catabolic effects on the body, fight infections, trauma recovery and for people suffering from Osteoporosis. Phizer (known as Searle back then) stopped producing Anavar in 1989 mainly due to the fact that athletes and bodybuilders had started abusing this substance.
Anavar is one of the most expensive steroids available today, and due to it being so mild a higher dosage is usually required more male athletes which can be very costly. Before underground labs started producing Anavar and the only option was to buy pharmaceutical grade you could have expected to pay a few grand for a decent cycle. Nowadays although still expensive when compared to steroids such as Dianabol or Winstrol you can do a cycle for under a R1000.


Uses Of Anavar

Even though it's a mild steroid, Anavar still has great effects on the human physique. Muscle tissue: Although small, the lean muscle mass which can be achieved from Anavar is still enough for people to notice and obviously more than can be gained naturally. Muscle preservation: One of Anavar's greatest properties is its ability to maintain lean muscle mass while on a low calorie diet. Stacking benefits: Anavar makes a great addition to steroids such as Trenbolone and Testosterone Propionate to form a good cutting cycle. The best steroid for females: As mentioned above, due to its low androgenic properties, this steroid is the number 1 choice for females.


The Benefits Of Anavar

For men, Anavar isn't really effective for the bulking phase. The bulking effects of Anavar aren't as impressive as what you could gain from other steroids. But for women, the Anavar results are astounding. The muscles gains are just enough. The Anavar use for women is so prevalent that some people refer to it as the girl steroid.
For men, Anavar is best used in the cutting phase. It helps in the maintenance of lean muscle mass during the Anavar cycle, while you try to shed the water and excess fat in your system. There's always the chance that when you try to lose weight you lose muscle mass as well. With Anavar, you protect your lean muscle mass from disappearing. In addition, it also helps suppress your appetite, and that can help you when you go on a diet to lose the excess fat.
Many athletes take it because it also helps them play better at their sports games. For example, it will significantly boost your strength. While it may not give you muscles as big as what you can get from other steroids, in many sports such as basketball and baseball that's a good thing. The muscles are just enough so you don't become slower as a result. Another benefit in performance is muscular endurance. This is a crucial factor for many people who play sports. Muscular endurance is defined as the ability of a muscle (or a group of muscles) to contract repeatedly and continuously for an extended period of time. That means you can say goodbye to such ailments as muscle fatigue. The best example of this is in running, which doesn't require muscular strength or physical flexibility.

COA Of Anavar

Product Name



White Crystalline Powder

CAS Number


Results Of Analysis Tests

Identification(TLC, IR)




Practically insoluble in water; 
Weakly soluble in chloroform; 
Slightly soluble in ethanol.


Melting Point

229-232 ºC

230~232 ºC

Loss On Drying

≤ 1.0%


Residue On Ignition

≤ 0.2%


Related substance

Impurity 12456810 ≤ 0.1%
Impurity 379 ≤ 0.3%
Impurity 11 ≤ 0.5%
Individual unknown impurity ≤ 0.1%
Total Impurities ≤ 1.0%


Residual Solvents

Ethanol ≤ 1365ppm
Methanol ≤ 3000ppm






USP 32(Be Conform With USP 32)