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Testosterone Enanthate Powder
Testosterone Enanthate Powder
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Domestic Testosterone Enanthate Powder For Building Muscle and Gaining Weight

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Testosterone Enanthate Powder

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Testosterone Enanthate Powder


Is testosterone enanthate omnipotent? In my opinion, testosterone enanthate is almost omnipotent. First of all, it belongs to exogenous testosterone. When you're taking Deca, EQ, trenbolone and other drugs in a cycle, it's bound to cause low testosterone levels. That is the reason why you need to use testosterone. Secondly, you will find that many people on BBS and quora.com say that testosterone enanthate is the most suitable for beginners. Why? Probably because it appears in the market for a long time, pharmaceutical technology is relatively perfect, and affordable. Testosterone Enanthate can also boost red blood cell counts and raise igf-1, a hormone that promotes muscle fiber growth. The main component of muscle is amino acid, the use of testosterone enanthate is conducive to improve protein synthesis, reduce amino acid decomposition, promote muscle growth. It is said that it helps to gain weight in the off-season period. All in all, the advantages of testosterone enanthate outweigh the disadvantages.


Structural Features of Testosterone Enanthate


Testosterone enanthate is testosterone, in which the carboxylic ester has been attached to a modified form of 17-beta hydroxyl. Testosterone esterification forms are less polar than free testosterone and are absorbed more slowly from the injection site. Once in the bloodstream, the ester is removed and testosterone is released. Testosterone esterification forms are designed to extend the window of therapeutic efficacy of drugs. Therefore, esterified forms of testosterone can be injected less frequently than free (unesterified) steroids.


Versatile Testosterone Enanthate


Testosterone enanthate is a very effective anabolic drug and has the great advantage of being used alone. In this case, stacking with 200-400 mg EQ, Primobolan, or Deca will yield better results. Testosterone is versatile and can be combined with many other anabolic/steroid compounds to adjust for the desired effect.


Testosterone Enanthate Powder Dosage


For the treatment of androgen deficiency, testosterone enanthate is prescribed at a dose of 50-400 mg every 2 to 4 weeks. The usual dose for performance enhancement purposes is in the range of 200-600 mg/week and is made at intervals of 6 to 12 weeks. This level is enough to satisfy most users who find extraordinary benefits in muscle size and strength.


Testosterone Enanthate Review


Testosterone enanthate is a kind of androgen drug. It is a compound preparation of testosterone propionate and testosterone enanthate. The effect is the same as testosterone propionate, which can promote the development of male sex organs and sexual signs and antagonize estrogen. Testosterone enanthate also has the function of protein assimilation, which can make muscle growth, weight gain and so on. The effect was fast and lasted for a long time. 250mg injection could maintain the efficacy for 2 to 4 weeks.