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Testosterone Acetate Powder For Sale
Testosterone Acetate Powder For Sale
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Powerful Anabolic CAS 10455-69-8 Testosterone Acetate Powder For Sale

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Testosterone Acetate Powder



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Yellow Crystalline Powder

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It has a number of protein-anabolic with ability to retain calcium, potassium, nitrogen, and phosphorus, all important aspects of muscle mass and bone tissue maintenance in adult males. Nitrogen balance plays an important role in your muscle. There are three conditions for nitrogen balance:

(1)Nitrogen balance: In a given period of time, the amount of nitrogen absorbed is equal to the amount of nitrogen discharged. It indicates that the synthesis and decomposition of human proteins are in balance, and the muscle circumference of human body is at the original circumference and level.

(2)Positive nitrogen balance: The amount of nitrogen consumed is greater than the amount of nitrogen excreted, the synthesis of protein is greater than the amount of decomposition, and the muscle fiber damaged after exercise will be rapidly repaired and increased.

(3)Negative nitrogen balance: The amount of nitrogen ingested is less than the amount of nitrogen excluded, and the synthesis of protein is less than the decomposition. At this time, the human body's muscle protein provides energy for the decomposition of body activities. The muscles are in a state of abatement.

Testosterone Acetate has dominant androgen which is responsible for the growth and development of the secondary masculine or masculine characteristics.
It is produced by the regulation of testicular mesenchymal cells and gonadotropin secretion, which stimulates skeletal muscles and is responsible for sperm maturation.

It's important to note that Testosterone Acetate is also more aromatic than other esters, so if you want to control the side effects of estrogen, you have to take precautions.


Ester and Testosterone Acetate

Generally, the shorter the ester, the greater the likelihood of producing PIP. While Testosterone Acetate is a long ester that can stay in the body for about 20 days. That means you do not need to inject it every day or every the other day. But when competition comes, you had better change short ester for Testosterone Acetate to keep water retention.




400mg a week is not recommended. While in weeks 1-6, we suggest Test Acetate (300mg/week).