Testolone RAD Powder Raws

Testolone RAD Powder
Testolone RAD Powder
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99% Purity RAD-140 Powder for Adult men

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RAD-140 Powder

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99% min

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White powder

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RAD 140 is a SARM that has the ability to increase lean muscle mass and reinforce the effects of testosterone. It acts similarly to anabolic steroids but has no side effects - mostly because it selectively works on muscles more than other body tissues
Current research suggests that when SARM binds to androgen receptors, it changes the shape of the receptors, helping to produce the well-known anabolic effect.
Testolone can also improve the strength of tendons and ligaments. As bodybuilders progress in muscle size and strength, it's crucial that tendons and ligaments also gain strength. Anyone who has suffered a tendon or ligament injury knows that healing can be a long process. It can also cause permanent damage, severely hampering training.


Dosage of RAD-140

RAD140 is suggested to be taken 10-20mg/ day. Both women and beginners take 10mg a day. Athletes can use 20 mg/day. The half-life of RAD-140 should be 12 to 18 hours. Generally, once a day is recommended. But many users choose to divide their daily doses into morning and afternoon doses.

Blended SARMS

Blended SARMS is not common, but there are reports show that mixing RAD140 (Testolone) with MK677 (Nutrobal) and MK2866 (Ostarine) provides power to build muscles, burn fat, promote growth hormones, restore joints and improve sleep.


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