Nandrolone Base (2) Raws

Nandrolone Base (2)
Nandrolone Base (2)
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Nandrolone base, also known as Nandrolone Ester, is a kind of steroid that assimilates than testosterone, but has a lower androgen than testosterone. It also contains certain aromatic enzymes, but not enough to produce too much estrogen in the body. The androgen of northron can help rebuild the body's tissues, improve body and bone mass, and stimulate the formation of red blood cells.
Nandrolone base is a steroid hormone with many performance and practical benefits. Its versatile androgens block the production of all harmful hormones such as glucocorticoids, which raise your igf-1 level, more nitrogen is retained, more red blood cells and collagen are created, your bones are stronger, and even you can speed up the process of protein synthesis. All of these help muscles grow, recover and gain strength, mass and speed.
Which is better? Nandrolone base or Trenbolone base? Trenbolone is a derivative of Nandrolone. Although they are both 19-nor compounds, their chemical molecular structure and properties cause them to play different roles in the human body. Trenbolone does not induce aromatization, but Nandrolone has a slight aromatization. This is one of the reasons why the Trenbolone series is more expensive than the Nandrolone series.


Medical field: Nutritional deficiency and emaciation in the elderly, used in severely burned and operated people.
Sports field: Promotes muscle growth and development, increases training endurance and training load.


(1) Normal adult dosage
Refractory anemia, such as aplastic anemia, aplastic anemia, bone marrow fibrosis, etc. :(Intramuscular injection, 50-100mg for women every 1-4 weeks; Men were given 50-200mg every 2 to 4 weeks.)
(2) Severe burns, malnutrition, and wasting disease treatment
(Intramuscular injection of 50-100mg was performed every 1-4 weeks.)
(3) The Dosage for Children
Under 2 years old is not determined;
2-13 years old, intramuscular injection of 25-50mg every 3-4 weeks;
Over 14 years old, with reference to adult dose.


Drug Interaction

The risk of edema may be increased when combined with adrenal cortical hormone, especially salt cortical hormone. The combination of ACTH or glucocorticoid can accelerate the production of acne.
When combined with hepatotoxic drugs, the damage to the liver can be aggravated, especially for long-term use, and patients with original liver diseases.