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Methenolone Steroid Powder Online
Methenolone Steroid Powder Online
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Domestic Stable Methenolone Powder For Bodybuilding & Competition

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Methenolone Powder, Primobolan Powder



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The Source of Methenolone


Metenolone is derived from the body's strongest androgen, dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Because of this, metenolone cannot be converted to estrogen, so there is no risk of ovulation with metenolone. Metenolone not only does not transfer estrogen, but also has a certain anti- estrogen effect.

Medically, metenolone has been tried to help prevent protein, bone loss and skin hardening in anemia, scleroderma and rheumatoid therapy. Because metenolone has fewer side effects and has no estrogen, it tends to have better results.

Although metenolone was born out of the strongest male hormone DHT, its own androgenic capacity is not strong, only 44-57% of the original testosterone, and there is no risk of estrogen transfer, so metenolone can be said to be a steroid with very small side effects. Compared with Equipoise, its side effects are lower.. So it is very ‘gentleman’ strong medicine, very suitable for competitive preparations.


The Performance of Raw Methenolone Powder


Metenolone and testosterone work in much the same way, but metenolone's anabolic capacity is reduced compared to the original testosterone, which is about 88%. Anabolism is mild and does not swell as strongly as DECA.


Utilization of Methenolone


Metenolone, as a "gentleman" steroid, is not a powerful muscle building drug. Because of its little side effects, it can be used for a long time, and there is no estrogen transfer problem, so it is often used in competitive bodybuilding, it can be compared to Masteron and Trenbolone when it comes to the best race-preparation drug.

Methenolone is a transonym of Methenolone and is not related to Nandrolone. Metenolone is from dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is said to be the basic regulator of penis growth.

Speaking of DHT derivatives, I am sure you will immediately associate Winstrol with the fact that it is a non-transferable drug and derives from DHT, and metenolone inherits this characteristic and does not transfer estrogen.

Primobolan is like a combination of a Winstrol that does not harm the liver and Equipoise that does not turn female. Winstrol is toxic to the liver both orally and by injection, and should not be used for more than 6 weeks. EQ has little side effect, but unfortunately, the current EQ is 11 acid chain, which is released too slowly and has a female conversion rate of 50% in testosterone, so it is actually not suitable for the sprint stage of competitive bodybuilding preparation.

Primobolan don't have that kind of "17 alpha A" structure like Winstrol, it has no damage to the liver, at the same time the Primobolan release rate not as slow as EQ, and completely put an end to the estrogen. Such a perfect drug, no wonder so many bodybuilding superstars like to use it.

Most athletes who have used Primobolan have reported that Primobolan can continuously and slowly bring you high-quality pure muscle, without fat or water. In the process, the muscle texture is more refined, the shape is more eversion and the details are clearer.


Methenolone Powder Dosage


It usually used to improve performance, Methenolone is used at about 100 to 150mg per day. But some male users found that 50 to 75mg a day was also effective. Higher doses also have better tolerability, but are generally controlled within a reasonable range. Many people find this dose to be effective when mixed with other steroids. These include Trenbolone, Masteron, Anavar and Winstrol. Usually an eight-week cycle is standard usage. This is not necessarily the time for the whole cycle, just the time for Methenolone.


Review of Methenolone Powder Online


Not all steroids are used to increase muscle mass. Steroids that do not increase the size have their own effects. Therefore, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the functions of different types of drugs before use. For male users, Methenolone is a good steroid used during the lipid reduction period. Although it cannot be used as the basis of cycle, it can produce a good effect when used in combination. In addition, Methenolone injectable form Methenolone Enanthathe Powders are generally more effective than oral injections for both male and female users.