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Metenolone Powder
Metenolone Powder
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Metenolone Powder For Bulking and Cutting Cycle

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Metenolone Powder


Metenolone Enanthate (Injectable), Metenolone Acetate (Oral)


Injectable (Primobolan Depot), Oral (Primobolan)


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Metenolone Powder Profile

Metenolone is an anabolic steroid somewhat different from other oral steroids. Before we go any further, we need to make a distinction between metenolone and long-acting metenolone. Long-acting metenolone (primobolan depot) is in injectable form whose hormonal molecules are structurally attached to a very long or large heptyl ester group. Oral metenolone (primobolan), on the other hand, contains the same active hormone molecules, but with a smaller acetate group attached, which allows it to be taken orally. There is a lot of evidence behind the idea that metenolone is considered the safest class of anabolic steroids. In fact, the steroid was used to treat underweight children and premature babies and did not cause any harm. Initially, however, the drug was used to treat muscle loss and to extend the action of cortisol. Metenolone has also been shown to be effective in treating malnutrition. Metenolone is also popular in the area of improving athletic performance. However, the long - acting metenolone injection was more popular than the oral version, because the oral version was much less effective. For bodybuilders, the first choice is always the injectable metenolone, one of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger favorites. It's important to note that another reason for the popularity of metenolone is the fact that it's so good for women. This is one of the few anabolic steroids that women use to be more successful. Steroids with low rates of masculinization, such as metenolone and oxyandrosaurus, are ideal for female users.

Functions and Characteristics of Metenolone Powder

Metenolone is a derivative of dioxytestosterone, specifically a variant of the structure of dioxytestosterone. Adding a double bond on carbon one two greatly improves the anabolic efficiency of the steroid. It also carries a methyl group on top of one, which prevents the steroid molecule from breaking down in the liver. The acetate groups also further have such protective effects. Metenolone is the only C17aa steroid. Because of the lack of some C17aa structures, metenolone has no hepatotoxicity. This is an advantage, but it also results in metenolone acting more mildly or even weakly compared to other performance-enhancing steroids. Male users may not experience the same improvement in anabolic efficiency as with other steroids. For large Numbers of men, a long - acting metenolone injection was the better choice. For female users, oral metenolone is a great option. Metenolone has similar properties to other anabolic steroids. It increases the efficiency of protein synthesis and gently increases the total number of red blood cells in the blood. But the steroid has three distinct properties. Metenolone can greatly increase the rate of cell nitrogen storage. This ensures that catabolism does not begin and provides a good platform for muscle growth. However, as mentioned above, this steroid does not increase the circumference. The hormone has also been found to bind strongly to androgen receptors. This can directly cause fat breakdown. Many anabolic steroids reduce fat by increasing the metabolic rate, while metenolone's direct cause of fat breakdown is clearly more efficient. It can be seen from these aspects that metenolone is an anabolic steroid that is well suited to the lipid reducing cycle. The most important characteristic of metenolone is its effect on the immune system, and the steroid can effectively boost the body's immune system. In fact, it was successfully used to treat AIDS. This advantage is also very good for bodybuilders during the fat-reducing period.

The Effect of Metenolone Powder

The steroid did little to help male bodybuilders gain muscle in the offseason. In women, however, it is a good muscle-strengthening steroid. Where metenolone really shines is in the fat-reducing cycle. To lose fat, we must burn more calories than we consume. This is important but can cause muscle loss. In fact, even the most well-planned low-fat diet can cause a certain amount of muscle wasting unless anabolic steroids are used. This illustrates how important it is to use anabolic steroids during the fat loss period.
With proper dietary planning, metenolone can help you achieve your goal of reducing sebum and retaining muscle. It also strengthens muscles and lines. However, most users, including women, will find the metenolone injection to be more effective during the fat-reducing period. In order to improve athletic ability, metenolone can steadily increase the speed and strength of an individual, which is important for a successful athlete. The best effect of this steroid, however, is to aid recovery. It also improves muscle endurance, though not as well as most anabolic steroids. At the same time, because of their gentler nature, athletes do not have to worry about adding unnecessary muscle, which can sometimes play a decisive role in the game. The side effects of metenolone are possible, but they are usually manageable due to its mild nature. The drug does not carry many of the typical side effects of steroids. It's very easy to control when it happens. In order to further illustrate the side effects of metenolone, we divided them into the following points.
[1] Metenolone has no estrogen side effects. This hormone does not aromatize or exhibit the properties of progesterone. Its side effects also rarely involve elevated blood pressure because metenolone does not cause symptoms of water retention. So you don't need an anti-estrogen  drug to deal with the side effects of metenolone. But if you have a mixture of estrogen-producing steroids with serious side effects, anti-estrogen are essential.
[2] Although the male hormone aspect is mild in nature, metenolone can cause a very strong male hormone response.
[3] Cardiovascular aspects metenolone does not cause a lot of blood pressure problems in healthy adults, but it should be noted that it does. Metenolone affects cholesterol levels in the body, showing suppression or reduction of HDL cholesterol and an increase in LDL cholesterol. The side effects of metenolone are stronger than those of testosterone. However, it has fewer side effects than most oral steroids. With a little control, the drug can be used to maintain normal cholesterol levels. However, the best way to deal with cholesterol and blood pressure is a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle means a healthy body first, followed by a diet rich in Omega fatty acids, avoiding saturated fatty acids and simple sugars and getting enough aerobic exercise. Having done this, it should not be difficult to safely use metenolone in a fat-reducing cycle.
[4] All anabolic steroids related to testosterone suppress the body's own testosterone secretion. But the efficiency of inhibition varies. Metenolone is less effective than most anabolic steroids. But exogenous testosterone is still essential when using metenolone to improve athletic performance.
[5] Oral metenolone in liver toxicity is not hepatotoxicity. Metenolone is generally used to improve performance when metenolone is used at about 100-150mg per day. But some male users have found that 50-75mg daily doses can also have a good effect. Higher doses also have better tolerability, but are generally controlled within a reasonable range. Many people will find that this dose works well when used in combination with other steroids. These include quinolone, quantasone, oxyandrolone and corydalus. The usual eight-week usage period is standard. This is not necessarily the time of the whole cycle, just the time of using metenolone.

Metenolone Powder Review

Metenolone is a good lipid reducing steroid, although not as a basis for circulation, but can produce good results when mixed with other steroids. In addition, both male and female users can take it; metenolone injections are generally more effective than oral injections.