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Metenolone Powder Canada
Metenolone Powder Canada
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Metenolone powder is the most widely used steroid powder among well-known bodybuilders.
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What is Metenolone?


Metenolone is a metabolic steroid that is somewhat different from other oral steroids. Before further discussion, we need to distinguish between metenolone and long-acting metenolone. Long-acting metenolone is an injectable drug. Structurally, it has a long or large heptanoate group attached to its hormone molecule. Oral metenolone contains the same active hormone molecules, but links to smaller acetate groups, a structure that allows it to take orally. Metenolone is considered to be the safest class of metabolic steroids, and there is a lot of evidence to support this view. But metenolone, a long-acting injector, is much more popular than oral metenolone, because oral metenolone is much less effective. For bodybuilders, metenolone for injection is always the first choice, and this hormone is one of the great Arnold Schwarzenegger's favorites. It's worth noting that another reason metenolone is popular is that it's very suitable for women. This is one of the few metabolic steroids that women use more simply and successfully.


Functions and Characteristics of Metenolone


Metenolone is a derivative of dioxytestosterone, specifically a structural variant of dioxytestosterone. Metenolone is the only C17aa steroid. Because of the lack of some C17aa structures, metenolone is not hepatotoxic. For most men, long-term metenolone injection is a better choice. For women, oral metenolone is a good choice.

Metenolone can promote protein synthesis and increase the total number of red blood cells in the blood. Although it has many similar properties to other metabolic steroids, it has three unusual characteristics.

Metenolone can store nitrogen to a great extent in cells. The higher the nitrogen storage rate, the better the protein synthesis effect, which provides a certain channel for muscle growth.

This hormone has also been found to bind strongly to androgen receptors. This can directly cause adipose differentiation. Metenolone is a metabolic steroid that is suitable for lipid-lowering cycle because it directly induces adipose differentiation and is more efficient.

The most important characteristic of metenolone is its influence on the immune system. It can improve the immunity of human body very effectively.


Summary of Metenolone


For male users, metenolone is a good steroid for fat reduction. Although it can not be used as the basis of circulation, it can produce good results when mixed. In addition, whether male or female users, metenolone is usually injected more effectively than metenolone orally.


Dosage of Metenolone Powder


When used to improve performance, 100-150 mg metenolone per day is enough. However, some male users found that 50-75 mg per day also achieved good results. Higher doses is good if being controlled at the reasonable range.