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What is HCG?


HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is a kind of glycoprotein hormones secreted by the placental trophoblastic cells.

After implantation, the fertilized egg will reach out a lot of small tentacles to seize the intrauterine wall. These tentacles are human villi, while HCG is a hormone secreted by human villi, namely human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). HCG, the most commonly used "pregnancy test" hormone, is often used to determine pregnancy, such as early pregnancy test paper and pregnancy bars. HCG can stimulate the transformation of corpus luteum from menstrual luteum to gestational luteum, and at the same time, promote the sustained secretion of estrogen and progestin, maintain the morphology of endometrium, promote the formation of uterine decidua, and make the placenta grow and mature.


What does HCG do?


(1) It has the functions of FSH and LH, maintains the life span of menstrual luteum, and increases the luteum of menstruation to become pregnant luteum;

(2) Promote the aromatization of androgens into estrogen and stimulate the formation of progesterone;

(3) To inhibit the stimulation of plant lectin on lymphocytes, HCG can be absorbed on the surface of trophoblast cells to prevent the embryonic trophoblast cells from being attacked by maternal lymphocytes.

(4) Function of LH, stimulating fetal testicles to secrete testosterone before fetal pituitary secretion LH promotes male sexual differentiation; It can also promote gonadal development, stimulate the activity of leydig cells in the testis, and increase the secretion of male hormones (testosterone). It is of great significance for the treatment of male patients with combined pituitary defects, which can not only promote the gonad development and the secretion of male hormones, but also promote the development of secondary sexual characteristics.

(5) It can bind to TSH receptor of maternal thyroid cells and stimulate thyroid activity.


The numerical changes of HCG also play an important indicative role


(1) Differentiation of normal and abnormal gestation: according to the change of normal HCG concentration, if the first HCG is within the normal range, 79% of people can have a full term gestation; if the first HCG is lower than normal, 92% of pregnancies fail. In particular, ectopic pregnancy is mostly due to insufficient blood supply at the implantation site, resulting in dysplasia of trophoblast cells, less HCG secretion and lower level than normal.

(2) When it falls to 600IU/L, miscarriage is inevitable. If HCG in the blood keeps falling, it means that the guarantee is invalid, and otherwise, it indicates the success of the guarantee. Serum HCG should return to normal 4 days after delivery or 13 days after induced abortion. If this is not the case, exceptional possibilities should be considered.

(3) Malignant hydatidiform mole, chorionic epithelial carcinoma, and male testicular teratoma: abnormal increase in HCG occurred in this case. After surgical treatment, if the treatment is effective, the HCG gradually drops to the normal level. If the HCG does not decline but rises or maintains a high value, the treatment may be ineffective or relapse.

(4) Others: when pregnant with hypertension, HCG tends to be high; Multiple pregnancies are generally more HCG than single pregnancies.

(5) In addition, HCG plays an irreplaceable role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as male testicular cancer. Classification of HCG (type, test time; Correct rate) HCG can be divided into blood HCG and urine HCG. HCG is secreted first into the blood circulation and then into the urine. It can be used to detect pregnancy, blood HCG needs to be checked in the hospital, the results are more accurate, the error is small, the accuracy is 99%, and can be tested in advance. Urine HCG is made by using ovulation paper or pregnancy test bar from my test method with an accuracy rate between 50% and 75%. HCG is secreted by the trophoblast cells of the placenta, and secreted slowly after fertilization, but it needs to reach a certain concentration before it can be detected. Urine detection of HCG is usually required at least 11 to 14 days after sexual intercourse. Blood HCG examination may be earlier and can be reflected in a week or so.


What should I pay attention to when checking HCG?


Blood HCG examination does not need to be performed on an empty stomach. Blood HCG examination is used to determine whether a woman is pregnant by measuring the HCG in her blood. In terms of the urine test of HCG, it can be done at any time of the day. However, the first urine test in the morning is the most accurate, and the urine will be diluted after drinking water. So it's best to have an empty stomach.