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Dianabol Powder Canada
Dianabol Powder Canada
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High Purtity Canada Dianabol Powder For Muscle Growth and Strength Gain

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Origination of Dianabol


Dianabol was first invented by John Ziegler and marketed by Ciba in 1966. Dianabol has been very popular since 1966, especially in the United States, reaching its peak in the late 1970s. Known users include Mr. Olympia from Scott to Zane. The Russians seem to like it very much, and the D-bol produced by Russian has become one of the best and best-selling Dianabols today.


Effects of Dianabol


There is no doubt that Dianabol is one of the best steroids for those who are engaged in non-aerobic projects. It can significantly promote protein synthesis, increase glycogen production after exercise, and directly and rapidly stimulate the increase of strength.

Dianabol's androgen effect is weak, but its synthesizing effect is very strong and obvious. Dianabol's role is mostly mediated by non-androgen receptor (non-AR), so it has less impact on the natural endocrine system, and it reduces rather than increases the number of red blood cells in the blood. This means that Dianabol users, especially short-term users, do not need to worry about the closure of natural testosterone production as they do with other powerful androgen-active drugs.


Taking More Is Better?


Dianabol is becoming more and more recommended under Dianabol because it works so quickly, is so popular, and ‘the more is better' view is prevalent among bodybuilders. Urine analysis at high dose Dianabol showed that some unmetabolized Dianabol was excreted. In short, it means that some unmetabolized Dianabol will be excreted directly from urine with the increase of dosage. This suggests that the idea ‘the more is better' needs to be reconsidered. Taking small doses more than once a day may be more effective.

Dianabol usually works well at low doses (20-40mg/ day). Anadrol, a steroid similar to Dianabol, works better at 50-150mg. Dianabol can get better effect if you take that dose. Dianabol was also very safe compared with Anadrol, which was more toxic. This theory would be more meaningful if Dianabol's half-life was only 3-6 hours. So taking it three to four times a day is better than just taking it one to two times a day. Dianabol is very effective at this low dose. Each milligram is more powerful than the testosterone esters, which were commonly considered the best muscle enhancers.

However, there are several points to note. Not everyone should take it in small amounts and many times. First of all, two factors causing inefficient energy need to be considered. The first is that you divide the whole dose into smaller doses, yet your liver still metabolizes the same amount. From a percentage point of view, the overall absorption of Dianabol will be reduced. The second factor is that the peak blood flow is lower because you don't take a larger dose at a time. These two factors make it difficult to decide whether small doses to take. For users who combine steroids with other injections, twice a day seem to be a better option, and if you take more than 40mg, it may be better to take it in three doses.

Dianabol acted for a short time, which meant that although it acted quickly and strongly on muscle strength and volume, it was difficult to maintain it. Usually muscle volume is lost quickly after discontinuation of Dianabol, making Dianabol unsuitable for adding and maintaining quality muscles. Injections may reduce these disadvantages, but 5mg tablets are still the trend. This is understandable because it prevents the liver from breaking it down. Oral Dianabol is probably the most powerful, although not as effective as Anadrol, Dianabol is cheaper and safer.


Dianabol Review


In view of the above facts, we concluded that Dianabol had better be used in short term, in the first 5-6 weeks of a longer muscle growth cycle (over 10 weeks), to rapidly stimulate muscle and strength growth. Its effects are largely mediated by non-androgen receptors, and it is easily aromatized, limiting its combinatorial partners. The best partners are, of course, nandrolone and testosterone. Dianabol should not be taking more than 50 mg (20-40mg is regular dose), which is administered on multiple doses of the assembly partner, which is administered separately in the morning.