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High Purity and White Deca powder For Building Muscle & Reducing Fat

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Deca powder, Deca Durabolin Powder

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USP28, GMP, ISO9001


White Powder

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Domestiic Deca Durabolin Powder


Deca is our hot-sale steroid powder, we have bulk Nandrolone Decanoate being sent within Canada, USA, UK, Europe. Our Deca raw powders can not only help to gain muscle, but also helps to relieve joint discomfort. We would like to enlarge our steroid powder market and it is our great honor to help you hit your market or be your fitness nutritionist. Welcome to cooperate with us. Our official email:


Deca Durabolin Description


Deca, a well-known anabolic steroid, has a significant effect on muscle size and strength growth and has little side effect on liver. That's one of the reasons why so many fitness enthusiast and bodybuilders love deca.

Deca is injected and can also reduce fat. The possibility of water retention and estrogation situation is alomost zero (unless it is a large amount). It is highly synthetic and inhibits its own testosterone levels in a small way. General dosage from 200-400mg a week to 200mg a day, continuous use of 2-4 months, it is known as the athletes the most effective and safe steroid, so it is also suitable for women bodybuilding.


Function and properties of Deca Durabolin


Deca belongs to 19-nor steroid and has no hepatotoxicity. The concentration of nandrolone hormone will soon peak in the first 24-48 hours and then continue to be released into the human body in 2-3 weeks. The half-life of a drug is 14-16 days.

Deca Durabolin's anabolism rate is higher than testosterone, but the malinization rate is lower, only 37. The aromatization rate of decca is only about 20% of that of testosterone. Like many steroids, Deca boosts protein synthesis, inhibits glucocorticoids, and promotes igf-1 production. Studies have shown that low doses of nandrolone hormone can significantly increase nitrogen storage in muscles, which is one of the differences between Deca and other steroids.

Decca also has two other properties that are extremely important and stronger than other steroids. They increase mineral content in bones and enhance collagen synthesis. Deac's has the ability to relieve joint discomfort, which is the only reason many athletes use it. It helps joints and increases the ability of red blood cells to help people with all kinds of diseases.

Unfortunately, decca is only used in the United States to treat people with HIV and anemia, but many physicians have noted its potential to combat aging.


Deca Durabolin Review


Many people mistakenly believe that deca can only be used to increase muscle mass. In fact, many bodybuilders use them in preparation for a race. Deca, as a long-acting slow-release drug, can bring about significant lean weight gain over a longer off-season period and is of higher quality than many other steroids. The water retention that emerges is also easy to control, and the user's power will be improved to a certain extent. Deca's ability to protect joints is also great during periods of heavy weight training. Increasing muscle mass also leads to less fat accumulation. Steroid use can increase the metabolic rate, which can not directly burn fat, but can help you maintain a reasonable fat content. Low doses of deca-durabolin can help ball players, fighters relieve joint discomfort and won't give them muscles they don't need. Adding some doses can also greatly speed up overall recovery and improve muscle endurance.

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