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Boldenone Undecanoate is an anabolic steroid of male hormones derived from testosterone and marketed as Equipoise.
Boldenone undecanoate has for decades been thought to resemble deca-durabolin, but it's a myth that the two steroids have nothing in common. The only thing that Boldenone undecanoate might be similar to other steroids is that it's also a testosterone. Boldenone undecanoate really has its unique characteristics.

Function and Characteristics of Boldenone Undecanoate (Equipoise)

Structurally, Boldenone undecanoate is a variant of the testosterone molecule. Boldenone undecanoate reached a peak within 3-4 days after injection and continued to be released over the next 21 days or so. Due to structural changes, Boldenone undecanoate only had 50% of the aromatization rate of testosterone. Estrogen side effects are possible, but they vary from person to person compared to testosterone. Although anabolic capacity differs significantly from testosterone, Equipoise enables users to achieve cleaner muscle growth because it has less impact on estrogen. But Equipoise and testosterone have a lot in common when it comes to anabolic ability. These include improving protein synthesis efficiency, increasing the nitrogen storage rate of muscle cells, inhibiting the secretion of glucocorticoids and insulin-like growth factor.

The effect of Equipoise

Equipoise's effect is perfectly intuitive. Equipoise, which is one of the steroids that the human body can tolerate, enables most users to improve anabolic activity in the body in a safe manner. Equipoise for medicine has achieved some success before it became a performance-enhancing agent. It was used to treat muscle loss and osteoporosis, but was eventually replaced by other steroid drugs. Equipoise increases appetite, which is why many athletes use Equipoise while everyone responds differently. Equipoise may be most effective for those who need to increase calories urgently.
Equipoise can cause weight gain for off-season muscle cycles, but it works relatively slowly and lags behind other steroids. Drugs like DECA, Anavar or Dianobol are much more effective at building muscle. However, dragon convalescence and retention retention are often caused by severe water retention.
However, it has been reported that the effects of some athletes are very intuitive. Equipoise, which is one of the most well-tolerated steroids in the human body, can achieve a powerful effect when used as an additional drug rather than as a base steroid for off-season muscle growth cycles. Equipoise can be particularly effective when one's lack of appetite is one of your problems. So anabolic steroids don't just increase muscle size.
Equipoise is also known for its ability to raise power. Equipoise may be more effective for improving athletic performance than for increasing strength and size during off-season. The drawback, however, is that Equipoise is detected for a prolonged period of time after injection, sometimes up to five months, which poses a barrier to athletes using it. But there is no doubt that Equipoise has the perfect effect for the growth of power and the improvement of size and the user's recovery ability will also be improved.
Equipoise can also be used as a cholesterol-reducing steroid. This is actually the most effective way to use it. This anabolic steroid is excellent for muscle retention. Whether you're on steroids or not, make sure you're burning more calories than you're taking in during the fat loss phase. Unfortunately, this state of heat deficit is likely to lead to muscle loss. A proper diet can protect your muscles, but it can only do so much. Without steroids, your muscles are bound to burn out during fat loss. Equipoise enables maximum muscle retention and poise for the body.
Equipoise the side effect of poise is well tolerated by most male users while many female users can tolerate poise well when used in low doses. Podanone may have side effects, but they are manageable for most adults. Podanone is not hepatotoxic.

The use of Equipoise

The standard Equipoise range for use is about 200 to 400mg per week. Most male users understand that they should be able to tolerate 400mg per week, which is the minimum Equipoise they normally use. But the higher the dose, the higher the risk of side effects. Many people who divide the weekly dose into 2-3 injections have fewer side effects, and some reports say that more frequent injections make the side effects easier to control because Equipoise has a particularly long half-life. Poise should be used for a minimum of eight weeks in addition to the dosage. This is common in the weight reduction cycle, where many users use Equipoise for eight weeks in the weight reduction cycle and then use other non-aromatization drugs for subsequent discontinuation. Eight weeks is still the least active period of off-season muscle gain, but 12 weeks has been shown to be more effective. Equipoise is versatile and poise with other steroids regardless of how it is used.

Equipoise review

overall is one of the most versatile anabolic steroids. But Equipoise has gained a bad reputation among many users because of the number of fakes sold on the market. It is also because users have unrealistic assumptions about Equipoise's effect. Not all steroids will increase the size and Equipoise of muscles in a well-planned cycle, but only if you understand what they really do.

Equipoise's usage

Equipoise is appropriate for use as a drug for cycle initiation. Equipoise enables a stable growth during the initial stage of the muscle growth cycle and while it does not have a strong growth margin effect, because it does not have severe aromatization, the growth caused by podanone is pure muscle growth. Equipoise for male users also finds poise to be effective for power growth which is useful for off-season training. Equipoise elevates one's appetite but the impact differs for each individual. Equipoise is perfectly suited to maintain muscle and maintain strength in the weight reduction cycle, which is important. Equipoise's greatest benefit, however, is that it enables blood vessels to stand out and muscles to tone down. Equipoise is a good anabolic steroid for whatever purpose it is used for.