Why Do We Do PCT?

PCT has two main functions: 1. Restart gonad axis. 2. Impedance muscle decomposition.

To restart the gonad axis

Long-term external injection results in the suppression of testosterone secretion, and there is no external testosterone after the withdrawal of the drug. At this time, we need to turn on the natural testosterone secretion process again.

LH and FSH are essential for promoting the natural secretion of testosterone and sperm, and it is important to mention that several drugs commonly used in PCT are HCG, tamoxifen, and clomiphene, all of which belong to SERM.

HCG acts like LH, which means it stimulates the release of testosterone and sperm.

But using HCG alone does not make our LH and FSH return to normal levels (if are used individually in the PCT HCG to resume their normal secretion of testosterone, your testosterone can resume normal is really amazing), the introduction of SERM tamoxifen, club, and lack of estrogen receptor binding to estrogen signal stimulate hypothalamus GnRH secretion, and then spread to the pituitary gland to further stimulate the secretion of LH and FSH, tamoxifen, Clomid stimulation on LH and FSH recovery respectively, in other words, both be short of one cannot.

While using SERM, not only improve the level of androgen and estrogen levels can ascend, after a period of time after the stop using SERM may result in higher estrogen in our body, our usual practice is to late to join the AI is also mentioned in a series (estrogen) or the testosterone used to suppress estrogen, and the benefits of the testosterone will not just against female so I tend to choose the testosterone.

To impedance muscle decomposition

In fact, many people have asked me a question before: how much muscle can I retain in a cycle? It’s an open question, like a beginner going to the gym and asking me how to practice. It depends on your training level, your diet level, your pharmacist level. The PCT does a good job of impedance muscle breakdown, including your muscle mass and body fat rate, etc., which of course means that the impedance muscle breakdown in the PCT is completely optional, the gonadal axis must be restored first and foremost, as far as you want to retain more muscle, recover faster and better, you need to increase your budget.

Because during the PCT phase we generally avoid any drugs that suppress our own testosterone, the use of peptides can both resist muscle breakdown and promote the recovery of the gonadal axis.

Whether you use human growth hormone or growth hormone-releasing peptide, it can stimulate the secretion of IGF-1, burn fat, reduce the breakdown of protein, and stimulate the late gene expression of GnRH, increasing the concentration of free testosterone, so that your testosterone level increases.