What Should Be Noticed If You Are New To Steroids

When you’re new to steroids, the goal is to break a bottleneck with the help of drugs or to be in good shape for a short period of time. Whatever the purpose, here are some suggestions that might give you a direction.

First, if you are underage, you are advised not to contact.

Second, do a physical examination, liver function, hormone six.

Thirdly, eating well is very important. It’s best to have a detailed eating plan.

Fourth, make a training plan to completely tear the muscle. Muscle growth principle: tear on the basis of the original, new protein to supplement in order to repair, muscle fibers become thicker and larger.

Fifth, drug selection recommendations:

1. Choose drugs according to the results of six hormone and liver function tests

2. If liver function is problematic, avoid drugs with strong hepatotoxicity or avoid steroid drugs directly. Peptides might be a good choice.

3. According to the indexes of estradiol, progesterone, and testosterone in the six hormones. If estradiol and progesterone are high, first avoid the powerful drugs that turn into estradiol, and then take anti-estradiol measures.

The testosterone index itself is very low because, number one, there’s a lot of testosterone synthesis, which is involved in androgen receptor sensitivity. Improve receptor activity and utilization rate. A selective androgen receptor modulator paired with CYCLE allows the steroid to bind effectively to the muscle. To novice proposal, grow dimension first, see have dry have big, have detail again. The dimension of muscle is a large premise, think in many is a fantasy. Secondly, don’t expect one CYCLE to solve all the deficiencies, and don’t expect that after using the drug, you can gain weight while sitting, wrong! Medication is an aid.

Finally, the principle of drug combination:

Fast start: Dbol, Deca, Turinabol

Basic props: Testosterone, Sustanon

Final finishing/assisting: Equipoise, Stanozolol, Trenbolone

PCT: Tamoxifen, Clomifene, and HCG

Female: Letrozole, Exemestane, Tamoxifen

Use oral medications such as Dbol, Turinabol, Proviron, Methenolone (which is expensive), Anavar, etc.

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