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In the last blog, we have mentioned oral steroids for a different purpose. Here we list some injectable steroids. If you are keen on making steroid on your own, our website getraws.com provides all kinds of steroid powder with domestic service within Canada/USA/UK/AU/EU.

(1) Weight gain, bulking steroids

Nandrolone phenylpropionate

One of the most powerful steroids, helping promote recovery from sports injuries, protect joints, significantly increase muscle size, fight decomposition. It does not harm the liver and has minimal side effects.

Methenolone Depot

The heptyl ester is slowly released from the injection site, medium strength steroids, very low androgenic. The anabolic level is slightly lower than the equivalent dose of Nandrolone Decanoate. Shaping lines, mainly to increase lean muscle.

Nandrolone Decanoate(Deca)

Protein synthesis ability, increase lean body mass, lubricate joints, repair tissue, improve tissue discomfort, and bring card is the best choice for off-season cycle to increase effective weight.

Sustanon 250

Classical anabolic steroids. Sustained release, long lasting effect, can be used alone or in combination with other steroids.


The number of red blood cells is increasing rapidly, greatly increasing muscle strength, stabilizing and continuously increasing lean body mass, micro-feminization effect, and promoting appetite, which can be used alone. Low inhibition of testosterone, no hepatotoxicity, and low cardiovascular stress.

Trenbolone Enanthate

Trenbolone Enanthate is a long-acting group of Trenbolone. Increase lean body mass, muscle strength, and effectively reduce fat.

Trenbolone Acetate

works quickly, improves protein synthesis efficiency and quickly relieves joint and soft tissue discomfort. The body excretion rate is extremely rapid and the endocrine pressure is smaller. It is less likely to be female (more secure) and can be flexibly applied to various cycles.

Testosterone Propionate

A typical male hormone that effectively promotes protein anabolism, excites bone marrow hematopoietic function and stimulates blood cell production. The injection interval is shorter and the effect is faster.

Insulin growth factor IGF-1

It is not a steroid, increases the number of muscle cells, inhibits muscle growth inhibitory hormones, promotes skeletal muscle growth, maintains nervous system health, induces protein synthesis, and prevents muscle breakdown.

Growth hormone series HGH

Promotes muscle fiber production, greatly promotes fat breakdown, and maximizes the protection of the upgrade system. The lipid-lowering capacity is 1.6 times that of the normal fat-reducing placebo.

(2) Shrink lines

Trenbolone Enanthate

Muscle cells synthesize, store proteins, and enlarge muscle mass is one of the manifestations of anabolism. Its anabolic and masculine effects are five times that of testosterone.


Anti-estrogen function steroids, increase muscle mass, no water retention, do not transfer to estrogen, and have strong fat metabolism.


This helps to build muscle mass, boost metabolism, and burn fat. HGH is also said to benefit the quality and appearance of the skin.

Mesterolone Steroid Powder USA

January 18, 2019

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Mesterolone Profile

Mesterolone is an oral androgen used primarily to treat male sexual dysfunction, loss of libido, or impotence. To a lesser extent, it has also been used with varying degrees of success to try to increase the number of sperm in some individuals. It can run for a long time because it’s not a 17-alkylated compound. This makes it less toxic, because it’s not alkylated in the same way, but at the number one site, which reduces liver damage. However, Mesterolone’s anabolism is not strong enough to be used for muscle-building purposes.

Since Mesterolone is not used for anabolism in most cases, there must be other reasons for using this compound. First, there is evidence that when the compound is used to circulate testosterone, it may actually increase its potency. The results showed that mesterolone attached to sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) and albumin. This leaves more free testosterone for anabolism.

Anti-aromatase Mesterolone

Mesterolone can also be used as an anti-aromatase enzyme. Because of this, many users use it when stacking other compounds that may be partially converted to estrogen. Mesterolone binds to the aromatase enzyme. This in turn does not allow other steroids to interact with this enzyme to form estrogen.

Function of Mesterolone

Some competitive gym-goers will add the mesterolone to their workouts because many believe it will improve muscle density and stiffness. This may be due to the compound’s ability to reduce water retention and reduce the amount of circulating estrogen in the body, similar to many other male compounds. However, as discussed earlier, there are several other drugs that are more effective in this regard than mesterolone.

Many steroid users who have adverse reactions to testosterone or do not wish to use testosterone in their circulation often add mesterolone to their circulation, allowing it to increase the user’s libido. Typically, when users don’t include testosterone or don’t have enough testosterone compared to other compounds he USES, libido is reduced, and mesterolone can help alleviate the condition. Clearly, the compound’s dihydrotestosterone effect plays a key role in this process.

Proviron for use and dose

Most men who use Proviron find that 25 to 100 milligrams a day is enough to get the desired effect. Women typically consume about 25 milligrams a day, but many consume much more. Because of the active life of the compound, it is beneficial to divide the drug dose into two parts and take it twice a day, but the effect of the compound should be maintained for 24 hours, so it is not completely necessary.

Since many other compounds are more effective than metosterone for the same purpose, there seems no need to increase the dose to more than 100 milligrams a day. On the contrary, if the desired effect is not achieved, it is best to try a more effective drug.

How to inject steroid to your body?

November 12, 2018

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You must have seen many of these scenes in many movies and television programs, such as a tough guy who has a bad life, with the goal of hitting his or her thighs or thighs regardless of the harsh steroids. But if you understand the steroids, you can realize how ridiculous it is. In fact, film and television shows everything ever written about steroids to absurdity. Fortunately, I’m going to show you how to do the right steroid injection step by step. In fact, injection is the most basic step of using steroids. After reading this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about steroid injections before you start thinking about what to do next.

Steroid injection operation

When it comes to this topic, you will find that most people view of steroid injections ridiculous couldn’t be ridiculous. Steroids can’t intravenous injection, no matter how online or people around you disorderly speak. Anabolic steroids are mainly for intramuscular injection, some also can undertake subcutaneous injection.

First of all you have to know is how to do the preparing work before steroid injections. An injection is not only the needle into the meat. Below we will introduce anabolic steroid injections to follow the 8 steps, this looks a lot but not used to operate for a few minutes. If you don’t follow these steps for injection, is likely to produce infection or produce unnecessary muscle soreness.

Step 1: the choice of the needle — according to the size of the dose, the types of the needle has a lot of, you need to choose the right one. Don’t need to choose big needles, of course, but also not too small. In most cases the 2.5 ml and 5 ml needle is relatively general options. To pay attention to at the same time, the use of disposable needles and kept clean, pay attention to cover the needle after take medicine.

Step 2: smoke into the air — before you take steroids to draw the syringe, need to be pumped in very small amounts of air, and you’re going to be pumped in the amount of steroids. This step is not necessary, but it can make easier to step 4.

Step 3: put a needle in a bottle containing steroids and put in the air. This will make the next step easier when taking steroids.

Step 4: take steroids — gently pull the syringe piston makes the bottle all the drugs into the syringe, some people will find out a little more a little will have some help. In this case you need 5 ml “spare needles to make out some quick and easy. If you do, then after taking the drug, to take out the needle change in step 1 before for you to choose the needle (e.g., 2.5 ml).

Step 5: to eliminate air bubbles — now steroids in the syringe, nudging syringe piston and tapping pipe shaft with your fingers to put all of the bubbles is clean. Before this loss of drugs, which is why we take out a little bit more.

Step 6: disinfection — choose intramuscular area disinfected with alcohol. Can use alcohol cotton ball, but medical sponge is a better choice.

Step 7: insert the needle & withdrawing — the part of the inserted the needles after disinfection disinfection but don’t start injection first. When a needle good, gently pull the syringe piston, this step is called back to smoking. If withdrawing blood come in then pull out the needle injection in another location. This means that you play to the blood vessels, easy to cause cough. So called is a group of dragon will often cause the reaction, but it happened sometimes testosterone, rough cough within short time. Play to the blood vessels as part of steroids into your lungs and cause a cough is very afflictive, will return to normal after about 5 minutes. But don’t be afraid, as long as the pump according to the rules of this kind of reaction will happen.

Step 8: steroid injections — if you strictly follow the seven steps before operation, during suction also does not have the blood into the syringe, that can be given. Push the piston until all of the drugs into the injection site.

The law of after the injection

Now you know how to inject steroid, but also need to know what should you do after the completion of your injection. There are three steps need to be followed up.

Step 1: it is likely to have a completely flowing into drugs, may also be injected into the skin, it’s very painful.

Step 2: pull out the needle, with a new clean cotton ball, hold the pinhole. Gently down 20-30 seconds.

Step 3: remove the cotton ball, and exert oneself to do massage at the injection site to ensure that all the steroid injections into completely.

In general, steroid injections generally choose on hip thigh shoulder for injection.