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Function and Characteristics of Clomiphene

As an antifemale drug in the steroid cycle, clomiphene can attenuate breast enlargement symptoms. It does not decrease estrogen levels or inhibit aromatization, but in many cases, for most men, the ability of clomiphene to bind to estrogen receptors is sufficient to counteract the side effects of estrogen. In fact, although there are other powerful drugs, most male users will find that clomiphene, a selective estrogen receptor regulator, has a good effect. More importantly, the use of clomiphene has a positive effect on cholesterol levels in the body. As an anti-estrogen drug, it actually plays the role of estrogen in the liver, thus further promoting adherence to healthier cholesterol levels. Therefore, clomiphene as an antiestrogenic drug in the steroid cycle can bring a variety of advantages.

For male users, especially old-fashioned steroid enthusiasts, clomiphene alone is not an antiestrogenic drug. You also need aromatase pressing agents such as Arimidex and Femara. They can be useful in lowering estrogen levels in users by controlling the aromatization process. These drugs are also by far the most useful against breast enlargement and water retention reactions. For bodybuilders, water retention can be effectively avoided through a reasonable diet. Muscle-building schemes during off-season often require a lot of calories to maintain muscle growth. But some people eat too much, especially carbohydrates, which can lead to water retention symptoms whether they use steroids or not. The use of aromatized steroids can aggravate water retention. What’s more, aromatase inhibitors, although effective, negatively affect cholesterol levels, so the most important thing for steroid users is to control your diet. If breast enlargement or water retention is present, clomiphene, a selective estrogen receptor regulator, should be the first choice for treatment.

Pct Cycle of Clomiphene Powder 

Now let’s talk about the role of clomiphene in post-circulation rehabilitation. When we use anabolic steroids, the body’s own testosterone excretion is suppressed. The efficiency depends on the type and dose of steroids used, but it is usually very serious. So most male users use exogenous testosterone in their circulation. This will maintain testosterone levels during circulation. Unfortunately, testosterone levels will be very low after withdrawal. In itself, testosterone excretion will gradually recover to normal, but it will take a long time to recover to the original high level. In fact, in many cases, the recovery period can be as long as one year. Moreover, the prerequisite for normal testosterone excretion is that the testosterone level in the body is not too low, and the thyroid axis of the user is not damaged by improper use of steroids.

Because of the low level of natural testosterone after withdrawal, most male users use post-circulation rehabilitation programs. This can accelerate the excretion of natural testosterone and reduce the time for recovery. But that’s not to say that this program can easily rehabilitate your testosterone level. A good post-circulation rehabilitation program will help you maintain a normal testosterone level during the process of natural testosterone recovery. Clomiphene is the most useful and commonly used drug in this scheme. A successful post-circulatory rehabilitation program usually contains clomiphene, tamoxifen and the potent human chorionic gonadotropin HCG.

People who do not undergo post-circulation rehabilitation will need a long time to recover their testosterone levels. This is not only very unhealthy, but also brings many typical side effects caused by low testosterone levels. This includes decreased libido, increased sebum and decreased strength and muscle circumference. If you want to stop using steroids for more than 8 weeks, you must have a post-circulation rehabilitation program.