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The distinction between real and fake anabolic steroids

November 27, 2018

Anabolic Steroids

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Low-purity steroid was labeled as a high-quality one

For example, if the actual content of the fake testosterone labeled 250mg/ml, but its purity may be less than one-third of the normal purity. The counterfeit product often requires a large dosage to be effective and is not easy to get a fever (because of low purity). However, people who sell the fake testosterone (low purity) always claim that fever products have the quality problem, actually only the high purity testosterone is liable to fever. The other thing that happens is that if you give a high dose of (fake) lower purity Deca and boldenone, you may get a fever because it’s all made up of testosterone.

Replace expensive steroid with cheaper ones

If Deca, Boldenone, Trenbolone is fake, their composition may all testosterone, if Trenbolone price was cheaper than testosterone, you have to be careful. Deca is more expensive than testosterone, Boldenone is almost the same price as Deca, and Trenbolone is more expensive than Boldenone. Trenbolone is supposed to be the most expensive injection. If the Testosterone, Deca, and Trenbolone price is almost the same, in most cases, they are fake.

The distinction between injection oil and processing technology

Both vegetable oil and medical injectable oil can be used as injectable oil. The high-quality steroid is usually used as medical injectable oil, while low-quality steroid may be used as vegetable oil or peanut oil. The medical injection oil is transparent in color, low in density and as fluid as water. The viscosity of the injection oil reflects the quality of the injection oil. High-quality injection oil can be touched by rubbing the thumb and index finger, while peanut oil can slip by rubbing the thumb and index finger. The resistance of high-quality injection oil is small, and it is easy to push as water agent when injecting. The resistance of low-quality injection oil is very big when injecting, and it is difficult to push even with a 5ml syringe.

Origin of most steroid powder and steroid finished oil

Many brands claim to be European, American, and Australian, but many of them actually buy generic brands that have their own company labels on them. The steroid is to be detained at the customs of most countries in the world. The more customs clearance the steroids go through, the more likely they are to be detained. Large quantities of steroids that can be shipped to foreign countries are usually produced in China and neighboring countries

Differences in steroid processing technology

The most common problem of fake injection is that it crystallizes after being opened. However, once this happens, it is a fake product. Drug crystallization indicates that technical staff quality is poor or poor processing technology. A genuine pharmaceutical company has professional technical staff inspection and purification process.

Judge quality by its packaging

I have seen many fake brands with exquisite packaging, while some of the formal pharmaceutical brands with shabby packaging feel like the packaging of bayer and Organon are very simple. So the method of packing quality is not advisable.

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