Steroid Guidelines for Beginners

January 7, 2019

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How long will you spend on your steroid cycle?

The cycle of a steroid cycle is between 8 and 16 weeks, excluding PCT. In a cycle, the male characteristics and synthetic ability of drugs are two things that need to be paid attention to. If the cycle is too long, PCT should be used to accelerate the recovery of hormone levels. For example, HCG may need to run through your cycle and combine anti-female drugs to offset the physiological effects of cycle. If the cycle is too short and does not really inhibit your hormone level, many competitors will ignore the pct, but the result will also cause a lot of muscle loss. The correct way is that regardless of the length of the cycle, you should do PCT and give your body two months of natural recovery time. Faced with different cycles, you may be helpless. What I tell you here is that a long cycle is always better than a short cycle. If your real need is to get high-quality muscle, choose a cycle of 12-16 weeks, then complete the PCT and rest for at least two months.

How much budget do you have?

It’s a really personal question, but in terms of cost-effectiveness, if you’re really embarrassed, remember “Choose a cheaper cycle, do it twice.” Of course, the premise is that you choose a product that’s really high quality and effective. Basically, higher-priced cycles are always better than cheaper cycles. Of course, cheaper cycles should also ensure that your budget contains PCT and every drug that should be available. Never try to use a single steroid to cycle. This will only waste your time and money. If your budget is insufficient, it is recommended that you slowly collect the drugs you need for your cycle until you get it. If your budget is the basic cycle, follow the most basic cycle. Never forget that testosterone powder is the basis for your steroid cycle.

How often do you inject steroid?

This is a hot topic in the field of steroid. First of all, oral cycles are not ineffective, but the cost-effective ratio is very limited. So how often do you receive an injection? As beginners, we usually give detailed injection methods. But if you are still afraid of injection, which only means that you are not completely ready to use steroids or you are just ordinary fans. In one of the most common cycles, your injections will not be less than 6 needles for testing, besides the overlap of other drugs, so it is recommended that beginners use drugs with similar half-lives throughout the cycle, so you may save a lot of trouble calculating the metabolic time of each drug in the body to determine when to inject next time, and you should also learn more about injections. Instead of listening to any coach in the gym, it’s better for you to schedule your PCT time when you know the half-life of the drug. If you are in the first cycle, it is recommended that you inject it no more than twice a week.

What side effects do you worry about?

Knowing what side effects you are most worried about will help you choose drugs for your cycle. Anti-estrogen drugs are something you should always have in your hand, and most users will have extra anti- estrogen drugs before starting the cycle. At the same time, there are corresponding preventive drugs for steroid acne and hair loss. Oryzanol can also help you sleep better and relax your muscles during the cycle. There are also liver-protecting and Liver-Cleaning drugs that can protect your visceral health very well. So before the cycle starts, you should choose the drugs according to your worries, including the protective drugs to eliminate side effects.

What kind of exercise do you usually do?

The best cycle training must include high-intensity strength to allow your muscle cells to fully access the growth of drugs. The same aerobic or light weight training will protect your heart health during the cycle, but aerobic exercise during the cycle does not bring any muscle growth.

Now you should have a basic idea of what to do before starting steroids, and I’ll give you a detailed answer in Whatsapp: +8617612057092 to find out what drugs should be used in different cycles. Email: