Injectable Steroid is Better Than Oral Administration

January 3, 2019

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For steroid users, injections are as common as walking into the gym every day. But for novices who haven’t used drugs, this is a question worth considering. People have a fear of injections from their hearts, which may come from the shadow of their youth. Of course, it’s just a joke. Because of the uncertainty and suspicion of drugs, will it hurt your body? These are the main reasons for novice resistance to injections.

Novice tend to take oral steroids. In fact, compared with oral steroids, injectable steroids are mostly testosterone esters, which have a lower burden on the liver than oral steroids. On the other hand, oral steroids cause more side effects than injectable steroids. When steroids are administered orally, free testosterone (unmodified testosterone) in the body is immediately decomposed by the liver, because free testosterone administered orally passes through the liver before entering skeletal muscle. Once free testosterone passes through the liver, 98% of the molecules will be decomposed by the liver and fail; while parenteral (non-intestinal) types are injected. Steroids can enter skeletal muscle before free testosterone passes through the liver, but once it passes through the liver, 98% of the molecules will be decomposed and deactivated. Most testosterone esters are administered by intramuscular injection, so they enter skeletal muscle before passing through the liver. Compared with oral steroids, testosterone esters are more effective and safe in the body for longer periods of time.

In fact, it can be understood that injection of steroids has less side effects and greater effects than oral steroids. Of course, it is not recommended not to use oral medicine. For users with higher requirements, the combination of injection and oral medicine is the most scientific and effective.

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We should also remind beginners to learn the correct method before injection, not blindly pricking. Injection methods, needle selection, and disinfection and hygiene of needles are very important.


All in all, Injectable steroids are often cheaper and safer. Oral drug utilization rate is low, drug consumption is high, and it has a burden on the liver.