Frequently asked questions and answers about the use of growth hormone HGH

December 3, 2018


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Q: how to deal with bleeding at the injection site after injection of growth hormone?

A: when the syringe is pulled out and only the surface skin bleeds, it means that small capillaries are stuck in the skin during the injection; This does not cause any harm to the body and does not affect the effect of growth hormone. Use warm towel to apply hot compress for 5-10min(hot compress is not needed in summer), and next time inject growth hormone to avoid subcutaneous bleeding site; The speed of needle extraction after injection is too slow and easy to bleed, so the needle should be pulled out quickly.

Q: how do you handle the medicine when it is injected with growth hormone?

A: during the injection of growth hormone, because the injection Angle is too small, the drug will be injected into the skin into A small package, which needs no treatment. The drug will be absorbed by the skin itself, which will not affect the effect of growth hormone and will not cause any harm to the body. The correct injection Angle for growth hormone injection is 45 degrees and the injection is subcutaneous. The injection speed is too fast to bulge the bag.

Q: what are the most serious side effects of using growth hormone?

A: growth hormone is very safe. There are no so-called serious side effects. A few users will experience edema and pain at the local injection site when they start to use it.

Q: can long-term use of growth hormone cause tumors?

A: A large number of medical studies have been done, and the medical literature shows that the incidence of tumors after the use of growth hormone is between 2 and 3 in 100,000, which is the same as the incidence of normal population, and there is no significant difference, indicating that the use of growth hormone will not cause tumors.

Q: does long-term use of growth hormone cause diabetes?

A: growth hormone does not cause diabetes. But growth hormone may cause transient blood sugar rise, family history of diabetes friends need to be cautious use.

Q: does injection of growth hormone affect the secretion of growth hormone?

A: not at all. The secretion of growth hormone is related to the hypothalamic-pituitary growth axis. Injection of growth hormone does not function on its own hypothalamic-pituitary growth axis.

Q: due to the low temperature during growth hormone injection, pain or numbness (common in autumn/winter) may be caused after injection.

A: when injecting growth hormone, take it out of the refrigerator 30 minutes in advance and warm it with your hands; Pain may be caused by rapid injection speed, should be injected slowly; Relax before injection to avoid injection pain.

Q: joint pain or muscle pain after injection for a period of time?

A: it may occur after strenuous exercise or sudden increase in the amount of exercise, and it should be injected step by step.

Q: what is hypothyroidism? How to deal with hypothyroidism when using growth hormone?

A: oral levothyroxine sodium, commonly known as T3, can be used to control thyroid function. Thyroid function will return to normal after the withdrawal of growth hormone.