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Dapoxetine Description

Premature ejaculation (PE) is a common male sexual disorder which is associated with substantial personal and interpersonal negative psychological consequences.

Dapoxetine is a safe and effective treatment for premature ejaculation (PE), but it has a high discontinuation rate, according to new research.

In a recent Sexual Medicine study, almost 80% of men stopped using dapoxetine within the first six months. Cost was the most commonly-cited reason.

The International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) classifies PE in two ways. Lifelong PE is ejaculation that occurs before or within one minute of penetration, starting with the man’s first sexual experience. Men with acquired PE ejaculate within approximately three minutes and had normal ejaculation at one time.

PE may be treated with sex therapy, medications, or a combination of these approaches. Dapoxetine, a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI), is the only oral medication developed to treat PE. It is approved in 60 countries.

Dapoxetine Dosage

The recommended starting dose for all patients is 30 mg, taken as needed approximately 1–3 h prior to sexual activity. The maximum recommended dosing frequency is once every 24 h. If the effect of 30 mg is insufficient and the side effects are acceptable, the dose may be increased to the maximum recommended dose of 60 mg. In men with acquired PE and comorbid ED, dapoxetine can be coprescribed with a phosphodiesterase type-5 inhibitor drug.

The Role of Dapoxetine

The criteria for the ideal PE drug remain controversial. However, the author is of the opinion that many men may prefer the convenience of ‘on-demand’ dosing of dapoxetine compared with daily dosing. Men who infrequently engage in sexual intercourse may prefer on-demand treatment, whilst men in established relationships may prefer the convenience of daily medication. Well designed preference trials will provide additional detailed insight into the role of on-demand dosing.

Dapoxetine Conclusion

Dapoxetine is an effective, safe and well tolerated on-demand treatment for PE and, is likely to fulfil the treatment needs of most patients. Although daily off-label antidepressant SSRIs are effective treatments for PE, supportive studies are limited by small study populations, infrequent use of PROs of control, distress and satisfaction as outcome measures and inconsistent reporting of known SSRI class-related safety effects. Currently, dapoxetine has the largest efficacy and safety database for use in men with PE, and it is the only agent for which SSRI class-related effects have been studied in a PE population.