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How to Solve The Problem Of Acne?

A lot of people will pay attention to the face acne, but after training for a period of time, found their face inexplicable acne (acne), very embarrassed. This has become a concern for those bodybuilding beginners who care the face much more than the figure, many fitness coaches are often disturbed by this problem because the more professional fitness coaches, they care about is more body, so how should we solve this problem?

First, we must understand what causes acne after exercise.

1. Lack of vitamin B in the body, muscle synthesis, and growth need to consume a large amount of vitamin B group, especially B6, lack of B6 will directly cause seborrheic dermatitis cause acne.

2. Training will stimulate male hormone secretion, hormone secretion exuberant will lead to increased sebum, pores can not be timely excretion of oil, thus acne outbreak. Not being able to sweat properly can cause clogging of hair follicles, accumulation of sebum, and bacterial growth that can lead to acne.

3. The external force causes follicular damage. Shaving and squeezing can damage the follicles and cause large pores.

Well, once you know the reason, we need to solve the problem one by one according to the cause of your acne, which is the best way to solve the problem, if you don’t know the reason, everything will be less effective.

1. If you usually only have a large amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fat in your diet, and don’t eat fruits and vegetables or external vitamin supplements, you can be sure that your muscle growth is slow, and you have a lot of acne on your face, so you should actively take vitamins and various minerals needed by the body.

2. If you have no problem with your diet, but you have a lot of oil secretion on your face, you can be almost certain that your exercise breaks your body’s endocrine balance, but don’t worry, as long as you continue to exercise and keep a good habit of washing your face frequently, keep skin water and oil balance, you will soon disappear, and you will find that your mental state becomes better.

3. If the acne doesn’t go away, try glutathione, which helps maintain normal immune system function, has antioxidant and integrated detoxification effects, and it’s harmless and can be used as a food base in itself, so don’t worry about side effects.

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Aerobic Equal Weight Loss?

Aerobic equal weight loss? Is this the biggest fitness myth?

When we want to lose weight, someone will tell us: to reduce fat needs to do aerobic, if you don’t do aerobic, you won’t lose weight! But is it true?

Not really. Strictly speaking, there is no direct relationship between aerobic exercise and fat loss. It doesn’t have to be aerobic to lose fat, and aerobic doesn’t have to lose fat.

Let me start with a definition: aerobic exercise is a type of exercise that is sustained with moderate to low-intensity exercise. Fat loss is a process that USES up more energy stored in the body by creating a negative energy balance.

The two are a process of movement and a process of the body, which cannot be simply drawn as equals. But one thing we can be sure of is that oxygen helps speed up the process of fat loss. But the fat loss doesn’t depend entirely on oxygen.

I believe there are a lot of people trying to lose fat and weight, will adhere to running every day to do aerobics, but will find that they can not lose weight for a long time, not only the weight has not changed, body fat will only appear a small range of fluctuations. This leads these people to wonder if they are “stubbornly obese” or “muscle-obese” and cannot lose weight.

But here’s the message: as long as you’re human, you can lose weight, but if you lose fat on oxygen alone, you’ll never lose it.

The point of losing weight is not what you do, the point of losing weight is to create a negative balance of energy, which means that the energy you eat in is less than the energy you expend.

Exercise accounts for only 10-30% of our total energy expenditure, while food provides 100% of our energy intake. When you’re on a spinning bike for an hour and your tired legs are filled with lead, you’re burning just 1-1.5 servings of cheesecake. When you’re tired and jogging on the road for 40 minutes, and your clothes are drenched in sweat, you’ll burn only as much energy as a 20 cent pizza. The bulk of our daily energy expenditure is our basal metabolism and food thermal effects, which account for 60-80% of our total energy expenditure. The energy expenditure caused by exercise is just an “accessory” of our body’s energy expenditure.

So how do you really “lose weight”?

The most effective way to lose weight is to control the diet and calorie intake, exercise has an auxiliary role but does not play a decisive role. Healthy weight comes from “stop talking and move your legs”. Eat snacks do not stop mouth, also complain that they drink water to gain weight, is not to reduce the fat.

So what do you actually do?

1. The basic body fat rate, muscle mass and calculated basal metabolism value of the body can be detected by body composition instrument. If you exercise 3-4 times a week, you should be eating 1.3-1.5 times your basal metabolic rate. And how do you count your calories? If you do it yourself, you can weigh different foods and then search the Internet for energy-related to the food, and then calculate the sum.

If you’re lazy, the ultimate advice is: cut out snacks, sugary drinks, fried foods, and every meal should have a staple of rice and noodles, lots of vegetables and some meat, and eat until you’re 7 percent full.

2, you have to exercise, exercise can promote our energy consumption. But it doesn’t have to be running. Any exercise such as strength training, ball games, cycling, mountain climbing, etc., can be used to promote weight loss. But always remember: exercise doesn’t lose weight by itself, it’s the negative energy balance in your life that loses weight.

At the same time, losing weight is not our ultimate goal. The ultimate goal of losing weight is to maintain a satisfactory body shape for a long time. I also recommend keeping a variety of training patterns so that you can constantly improve your body shape and work towards your target body shape.

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