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Anti-estrogen Steroids Powder Exemestane, Anastrozole, Letrozole For Sale

Anti-estrogen steroids which are frequently used today’s drug industry mainly includes: Exemestane, Anastrozole, Letrozole these three, three drugs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today we are going to compare the three drugs and how do we use them? How many? In fact, anti-estrogen is also important in the steroid cycle.

In the process of steroid cycle, due to the aromatization of some drugs (such as Dianabol and Deca), the body converts some high androgens into estrogen through aromatase, so as to obtain the balance between estrogen and androgens in the body. However, this transformation can lead to fat accumulation, decreased sexual desire, depression, and even breast cancer in men and women. Aromatase inhibitors (AI) are an effective way to solve these problems.

Anastrozole and Letrozole work style completely block aromatase, and the role of Exemestane is aromatic inactivation of enzyme in the body.

But as for anti-estrogen, what should we choose?

In general, Exemestane is 25 mg each tablet dosage for sale, and usually a dose of 12.5 mg of steroid cycle every other day, or 12.5 mg a day, the highest 25 mg per day.

However, estradiol level is not as low as possible in the whole cycle. Generally, when estradiol level is lower than 20pg/mg, symptoms such as depression, decreased libido, muscle leveling or joint pain may be caused by too low estradiol, so the dose of aromatase inhibitor (AI) should be adjusted. For example, users are injected with 250mg of testosterone per week and 750mg of non-aromatized steroids per week. Then the dose of 12.5 mg daily Exemestane can to a certain extent, inhibit estrogen. But if the user put the testosterone dose to 1000 mg every week, we don’t need to put Exemestane dose increase to 50 mg a day, usually in 25 mg is enough to cope with such a high dose of testosterone.

If you use the half-life in steroid cycle supernormal and have strong aromatization drugs such as Deca, then Exemestane in the PCT phase is preferred, rather than Exemestane or Letrozole. Because during PCT we need to naturally return estradiol levels to normal levels rather than completely blocking aromatase and artificially inhibiting it. Because the blocking aromatase accumulates, when the blocking is stopped, the aromatase erupts to some extent.

In the process of PCT, Exemestane dose should be lower than the cycles, because in the blood can aromatization of steroids will reduce a lot. Usually, 12.5mg every other day, or even every three or four days is enough.

Exemestane, Anastrozole, Letrozole that several kinds of aromatase inhibitors can very good control of estrogen transformation, if you are using one of these, then you should continue to use because you can have good control of the dosage. If you haven’t used them before, so can any of the three antiestrogens. It’s just the difference between the effects and the dose.

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What is Exemestane

Exemestane is a drug used to treat menopausal women breast cancer.

You may have heard of Aromasin, this is the most famous brand. There are many other brands of Exemestane also have the same dose.

Men with breast cancer can take Exemestane, while another called the drug tamoxifen is more commonly used.

How does Exemestane work

Exemestane is to reduce the effect of estrogen in the body. Exemestane belongs to a class of aromatase inhibitors. Exemestane is a kind of aromatase inhibitors. This means it blocks aromatase, an enzyme that converts androgens (hormones produced by the adrenal glands) into estrogen, which is found in the body’s muscles, skin, breasts and fat.

Exemestane Usage

Exemestane is suitable for postmenopausal women estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer patients. If your cancer is hormone-receptor-negative, there is no benefit to Exemestane.

Exemestane Dosage

Exemestane 25mg every day is suggested.

Exemestane is usually taken after the surgery, in order to reduce the risk of breast cancer recurrence or diffusion.

If you are undergoing chemotherapy or radiotherapy, your specialist will tell you the best time to start taking Exemestane.

Sometimes, Exemestane can be used as the first therapy for breast cancer, for example, when the surgery is not appropriate or need to delay. It is sometimes used to shrink larger breast cancers before surgery.

Exemestane can also be used for the treatment of recurrent breast cancer. It can also be used to treat breast cancer (secondary breast cancer) that has spread to other parts of the body, often in combination with another drug.

How long will it take

It depends on your personal circumstances, but Exemestane usually takes 5 to 10 years.

Some people are taking hormone therapy drug Tamoxifen, a few years, Exemestane came into use.

If you’re using it to treat a relapse or if breast cancer has spread to other parts of the body, as long as it controls cancer, you’ll usually take it.

What should I know about drug storage and disposal?

Keep the medicine in a container and keep it sealed away from children. Store at room temperature, away from excess heat and moisture (don’t store in the bathroom).

Exemestane for men

Aromatase inhibitor Exemestane can effectively slow down the boy’s physiological maturity, improve adult male testosterone levels, therefore, aromatase inhibitors can be used to increase the gonads hormone-dependent precocious puberty, idiopathic short and constitutional delayed puberty boy adult height.

Exemestane is better than tamoxifen

A new study finds Aromasin is more effective than Tamoxifen in reducing the risk of breast cancer recurrence, but not all clinicians believe the positive findings. Overall, no cancer survival rates have improved significantly (Exemestane91.1 Tamoxifen87.3 %, %).


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Exemestane is a steroid suicide aromatase inhibitor/irreversible aromatase inactivator that reduces estrogen production by blocking aromatase. The medical use of exemestane, like most aromatase inhibitors, is to treat estrogen-dependent breast cancer. It is usually used only when treatment with less aggressive compounds does not produce the desired effect, such as selective estrogen receptor modulators.

For strength athletes and bodybuilders, exemestane has several beneficial characteristics. First, it is reported that exemestane can reduce estrogen by an average of 85%. Of course, doing so helps prevent estrogen-related side effects caused by aromatic steroids. The drug also increases testosterone levels in users, which may be beneficial if used in post-cycle treatment. In addition, there is some evidence that exemestane may increase the level of insulin growth factor (IGF).

Like other aromatase inhibitors, information and Research on the effects of exemestane on lipid/cholesterol in users are conflicting. Some studies have shown that the compound has little effect, while others consider it rather harsh.

Exemestane Dosage

The peak plasma concentration of exemestane was reached within 2 hours after oral administration of 25 mg. The effective life of the drug ranges from 24 to 30 hours. This is important because it is much shorter than non-steroidal inhibitors. A single oral dose of 25 mg of exemestane resulted in a relatively long-term decrease in estrogen levels in plasma and urine. The maximum inhibition occurred about 2 to 3 days after administration and lasted for about 4 to 5 days.

Studies have shown that 25 mg of exemestane is almost as effective as 50 mg in inhibiting estrogen, increasing testosterone and insulin-like growth factor levels. Therefore, the daily dose should not exceed 25 mg. Because of the activity of the compound exemestane, it is administered approximately every 24 hours.

The only negative aspect of the compound seems to be that it takes about seven days to reach a stable plasma level in terms of drug delivery plans. However, this is not the main obstacle to its use. It simply requires users to start using exemestane a week before they expect the compound to be fully effective.

Risk of using exemestane

There was no significant toxicity of exemestane at a daily dose of 600 mg. Most users are well tolerated, and the maximum tolerable dose toxicity has not yet been determined. Negative side effects associated with the use of this compound are usually mild and may include transient gastrointestinal reactions, hot flashes, nausea and/or fatigue. As mentioned earlier, due to conflicting studies, the effect of exemestane on lipid/cholesterol is not yet clear, so monitoring should be carried out when using the compound. Sexual dysfunction is also possible due to lower estrogen levels. However, there are relatively few reports on this aspect.

Because of the minor side effects associated with this compound and its effectiveness in reducing estrogen-related side effects in aromatic steroid synthesis, exemestane seems to be a relatively safe choice in the search for aromatase inhibitors.