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Normal men and women in the body of estrogen and androgens in a dynamic balance, and these two hormones in addition to the difference between the sexes, but more important is to maintain the physical health and psychological level of a number of health problems. In the anabolic steroid cycle, the term “estrogen” appears, but many friends do not want to see male breast development. Previously mentioned anti-estrogen drugs like Anastrozole, Exemestane, Tamoxifen Citrate. But there is another kind of our common estrogen drugs Letrozole (Femara).

Letrozole is an aromatase inhibitor and is approved as a treatment for breast cancer. However, in the cycle of anabolic steroids, due to the influx of high levels of androgens into the body, aromatase converts androgens into estrogen through aromatization. As the breast is stimulated by estrogen, the breast develops, forming estrogen. So what aromatase inhibitors do is they block estrogen production or they block estrogen from acting on the receptor. Letrozole inhibits estrogen synthesis through reversible competition with aromatase.

At the same time, according to fitness pioneer experience, 0.36 mg/day as the basic amount of an anabolic steroid cycle, containing the right amount of aromatic steroids, such as 200-300 mg/week of testosterone. At higher doses such as 750mg/week, this amount is usually doubled. Usually no more than 1mg/day, unless blood tests show abnormally high levels of estradiol, even at that level, which rarely happens. (the blood test here refers to the six kinds of hormones.)

Overuse of Letrozole can also cause side effects, including decreased libido, depression, and joint pain. The half-life of Letrozole (two days) should be adjusted, or a blood test should be taken. For most men, 20-29pg/ml estradiol is the ideal range, so Letrozole usage was calibrated by the above symptoms and observations, as well as data comparisons.